Category: Flying


Dalby F5J Comp

Had a cracker day at Dalby looking at how the F5J comp was run, Steff and myself ended up helping out with the timing for a...


Field flying – 27/01/19

Beaut morning for it, a lot of lift. Mike had some great launches with the DLG. (Vid below) I took out the Radian and the Mace,...


Delta 8’s and 2m Bungee

Delta 8 Rx’s and Bungee for my 2m’s arrived this morning. Will haveĀ  to build the rest of the bungee, but this should work nicely.


Flying the Mace 2

OK Models Mace 2 Well, what a great little plane! I was suprised on how well it flew being a pre built from China. You always...


Scale LS8

Another one that has been collecting a bit of dust, but a bit more time now means I can finish it off. Being a chinese model,...