Well, time to get to it.  I always like having a few projects on the move. Ever since I seen this model I’ve always wanted to build it. I know its big, its heavy and it not modern or made on modern developments, but I just adore the big timber birds.  Thanks to a few people out there who have helped me get info together on it.
There are a couple of versions, this 4.5m span, a smaller version at around 3m and another I’ve seen at 5 meters, but still to this day I haven’t seen a build on that size (5m).  I’m considering adding one extra rib panel to the main wing and another to the root of the tip sections to just squeeze past 4.8m. I’ll just have to do my numbers as wing loading on a timber plane this size can be an issue.

Image below is not mine, it was built by another pilot.

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