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Have been flying and building model glider on and off since I was 15, so that’s, lets see 30years. Seems along time to playing with toys, I agree.
It started off with Dad, he was into the hang gliding, so i’d tag along to watch and wish I was up there.
One day at a local glider slope another guy was there zipping around the slope with a few of these expensive toys, he could really fly them! So after having a chat, I picked up my first kit and Dennis, the guy carving up the slope was my teacher.
Building the Aeroflyte Brolga was a new challenge, never done that before, so with a little help from Dad, we finished her off and it was ready to go.
Learning to fly was great, the Brolga was a forgiving plane, it would cruise around which made it easier for me to control.
From there its been plane after plane after plane…..

Now at 45 i’ve picked up the bug again!
Having moved my models around with me, they are finally seeing the light of the day and the wind through the air frames.

Feel free to email me with any questions or thoughts.

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  1. Steve Lunney says:

    Hey mate, great to see your site up and about again!

    Look forward to watching your current builds.


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